Contents - COPAS Vol. 11 (2010)

Torsten Kathke and Sascha Pöhlmann Editorial

Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Katharina Gerund Encountering the Familiarity of a Foreign Culture: Julie Dash’s Novel Daughters of the Dust
Christian Knirsch In a Time-Warp: The Issue of Chronology in Siri Hustvedt’s The Blindfold
Elisa Schweinfurth “They looked German, albeit with even tighter pants and uglier shoes, but there was something different about them”: The Function of East and West Germany and the Fall of the Berlin Wall in Paul Beatty’s Slumberland
Daniel Rees Hunger and Self-Fashioning in Richard Wright’s Black Boy and Knut Hamsun’s Sult
Mario Dunkel Writing Jazz History: The Emergence of a New Genre
Carmen Dexl “A Lynching in Blackface”: The Representation of History and Fantasies of Black Male Violence in John E. Wideman’s The Lynchers
Birte Otten Arbitrary Ruptures: The Making of History in Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union (2007)
Florian Bast “I won’t always ask”: Complicating Agency in Octavia Butler’s Fledgling
Nora Kestermann Ralph Waldo Emerson versus Cormac McCarthy: The Annihilation of Emerson’s Values in The Road
Peter Just Unconventional Allies Reunited: Liberal Hawks and Neoconservatives at the Turn of the Century
Katrin Horn Camping with the Stars: Queer Perfomativity, Pop Intertextuality, and Camp in the Pop Art of Lady Gaga
Julia Merkel Inherent Defeatism in Barry Hannah’s “The Agony of T. Bandini” and “Uncle High Lonesome”
Johanna Heil The Purloined Chamber: A Lacanian Reading of Richard Powers’s Plowing the Dark

Contents - COPAS Vol. 10 (2009)

Peter Schneck Greeting and Opening Address by the President of the German Association for American Studies (GAAS / DGfA)
Udo Hebel Greeting by the General Editor of Amerikastudien / American Studies
Christina Oppel, Anna Rapp, and Anna Thiemann Reflexivity and (Ex-)Change: New Perspectives from the Postgraduate Forum for German Americanists

Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Susanne Leikam Depicting ‘Natural’ Disasters in U.S.-American History and Culture: San Francisco’s City Hall as an Icon of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire
Marie-Louise Löffler “Of Vampire Born”: Interracial Mothering in Black Women’s Speculative Fiction
Carmen Dexl Ambiguity and the Ethics of Reading Race and Lynching in James W. Johnson's The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man (1912)
Anne Grob The Impact of Tribal Colleges in the Economic Development of Tribal Communities: A Case Study
Lars Schmeink Dystopia, Alternate History and the Posthuman in Bioshock
Christina Rickli An Event “Like a Movie”? Hollywood and 9/11
Elisabeth Siegel Stuff That Happened to Me”: Visual Memory in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2005)
Katrin Dauenhauer Do the Photos Tell it All? Representing Torture in the Images from Abu Ghraib
Sebastian M. Herrmann “Ruled By Fiction?” ‘Real’ Deception and Narrative Truth in Frank Rich’s The Greatest Story Ever Sold (2006)

Contents - COPAS Vol. 9 (2008)

Alexandra Ganser, Katharina Gerund, and Christina Judith Hein Editorial

Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Sascha Pöhlmann How the Other Half Dies: Narrating Identities in Shelley Jackson's Half Life (2006)
Marie-Louise Löffler "Children aren’t everything": Maternal Ambivalences in Nella Larsen’s Fiction
Jana Heczková "Timeless People": The Development of the Ancestral Figure in Three Novels by Alice Walker
Sebastian Schneider Challenging the Cultural Mosaic: Shani Mootoo's "Out on Main Street"
Marcel Hartwig The Organization Man Still Matters: Sinclair Lewis' Babbitt (1922)
Simone Knewitz Spoken Art: Amy Lowell's Dramatic Poetry and Early Twentieth-Century Expressive Culture

Contents - COPAS Vol. 8 (2007)

Gunter Süß and Antje Tober 'New American Studies' in Germany? Some Observations from Ground Staff

Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Michaela Bank "...the white women all go for sex": Discourses of Gender, Race, Ethnicity in the American Woman’s Rights Movement, 1869
Selma Siew Li Bidlingmaier The Spectacle of the Other: Representations of Chinatown in Michael Cimino’s Year of the Dragon (1985) and John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China (1986)
Christina Judith Hein Battleground Masculinity: Gendertroublers and Gatekeepers in Oliver Stone's Platoon (1986)
Iris-Aya Laemmerhirt "The Tiger’s Eyes Are Like My Own": Depictions of Japaneseness in Contemporary American Movies
Sina Nitzsche "The Tube is Flickering Now": Aesthetics of Authenticity in Good Night, and Good Luck
Heike Steinhoff "Yo-ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me" - Queer Positionalities, Heteronormativity, and Piracy in Pirates of the Caribbean. A Queer Reading.
Andrea Zittlau George Gustav Heye and the National Museum of the American Indian – Collecting the Collector

Contents - COPAS Vol. 7 (2006)
Performing Diversity. The Dortmund PGF

Uwe Küchler,
Wolfgang Niehues

Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Jannika Bock "There is Music in Every Sound": Thoreau's Modernist Understanding of Music
Pia Wiegmink Performing Resistance: Contemporary American Performance-Activism
Antje Tober Das doppelt verwundene ödipale Dreieck in David Lynchs Lost Highway
Uwe Küchler Interkulturelle Hochschullehre: Internationalisierungsstrategien am Beispiel des Fachs Amerikanistik
Alexandra E. Lindhout Hans J. Massaquoi's Destined to Witness as an Autobiographical Act of Identity Formation
Wolfgang Niehues Virtual Commuters? The American Transnational Academic Exchangee
Claire Geslé-Favier Pro-abstinence Discourses and the Definition of the Conservative Christian Identity in the Contemporary United States
Julia Cohen Members of the Tribe: Jewish-Amerindian Theory and the Making of a Modern American Consciousness

Contents - COPAS Vol. 6 (2005)

Peter Schneck Editorial

Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Franziska Scheitzeneder Der Körper im Spannungsfeld der Blicke: Eakins und seine Betrachter in The Gross Clinic (1875)
Reinhard Prosch "Computer-generated history": Zur paradoxen Dualität von Populärkultur und Zeitgeschichte in Jon Haddocks Screenshots
Sonja Teine "Time-Based Paintings": Jeremy Blakes Winchester Trilogy (2001-2004)
Michael Netsch Susan Sontag: Photocritic
Katharina Klara Weis "Criticizing Americanness in 3D": Paul McCarthys F-Fort
Fabian Diesner Don DeLillos Bilder
Wanda Jakob Stuff That Happened To Me: Visuelle Verfahren in Jonathan Safran Foers Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2005)
Marion Fuchs Narrative Strategien in der TV-Serie Desperate Housewives

Contents - COPAS Vol. 5 (2004)


Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Annika McPherson "This Book Changed My Life":'Oprah's Book Club' and The Poisonwood Bible
Miriam Strube "The Pleasure Is All Mine": Music and Female Sexual Autonomy (PDF)

Contents - COPAS Vol. 4 (2003)


Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Susanne Auflitsch From Opposition to Integration: Stages in the Development of the "New Woman" in Selected Provincetown Plays
Anja Becker "Sex in Bed or Sex in the Head?" - A Transatlantic Love Affair

Contents - COPAS Vol. 3 (2002)


Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Zeno Ackermann Die Auslöschung der Welt: Steven Millhausers Martin Dressler und die Architektur des amerikanischen Traums
Kirsten Raupach 'Black Magic' and Diasporic Imagination

Contents - COPAS Vol. 2 (2001)


Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Ina Bergmann Stories of Female Initiation:Two 19th Century Examples of Female Professional Success
Ulrich Miethaner The BLUR (Blues Lyrics Collected at the University of Regensburg) Corpus: Blues Lyricism and the African American Literary Tradition
Nicole Soost The Private Goes Public: Gender and Cultural Spaces in Abraham Cahan's Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto

Contents - COPAS Vol. 1 (2000)
(documents available as PDF files)


Abstracts and Contributor Information Articles
Bruno Arich-Gerz The Blithedale Neuromance
Christian Berkemeier A Polemic
Annette Bickmeyer "The Best Way to Explain It Is to Do It": Ida Cannon and the Professionalization of Medical Social Work During the Progressive Era and the 1920s
Dietrich Harer Now You See Me, Now You Don't: Fanny Fern's Private Theatricals in Ruth Hall; A Domestic Tale of the Present Time (1854)
Fabienne Quennet Between Earth Science and Language/Writing Imagery: How to Render the Workings of Memory in Anne Michaels' Fugitive Pieces
Susanne Rothaug History and Storytelling: Historical Narratives by Women Authors of the Contemporary American South
Heike Schäfer How to Author a Walk: Henry David Thoreau's and Mary Austin's Regional Narratives of Environmental Learning
Geneviève Susemihl Brought Up to Be American: The Assimilation Process of Children and Teenage Refugees from Germany in the 1930s and 1940s in New York